Rear Window Vents for Subaru Forester SF 97-01 Mesh Plastic 2pcs Pair SF5 SF9

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$185/per pair

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Our window vents are a one of a kind and designed specifically to fit the contour of your vehicle’s window with no modifications needed. 
They can be used in several ways:
- At the race track to cool down the cabin without having the windows down (as it is against many track rules and regulations).
- Daily driving without AC use and horrible "helicopter" noise. The vents will supply steady air flow throughout the cabin without the head pounding wind buffeting.
- If you have pets in the back seat and you want to leave them in the car while you go to the shoping.
- Stand out from the others at a cars show.
Window Vents are made of high quality ABS plastic. They feature a 3 layer construction to allow for proper installation.  Mesh insert also installed so that no one can throw garbage into your car during your absence.
Mesh filter screen cannot be removed and is permanent within the product.
Rear Window Vents are easy installation and removable in seconds.  The in-channel design allows you to slip them in or out while staying completely secure.
1.Kit contents:
- Rear window wents - 2 pcs.
2.This item is compatible with:
Subaru Forester 09.1997 - 01.2002 Body: SF, SF5, SF6, SF9
  • Subaru
    • Forester
      • I 1996-2002 (SF)

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