Snorkel Kit For Nissan Patrol Safari Y61 Air Intake Ram TD42 ZD30DDTI RD28 TB45E

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- Made of high-quality LLDPE plastic (this is not frp!);
- Material thickness 3 mm;
- Surface finish: Black textured can be used as;
- Easy to install item, It fits perfectly!
-  Weight: ~4kg
1.Kit contents:
- One snorkel (left side) kit with hardware
2.This snorkel is compatible with:
  • Nissan Patrol 12.1997 - 01.2005 Body: Y61
  • Nissan Safari 10.1997 - 07.2004 Body:  WGY61, WRGY61, WYY61, WGY61, VRGY61, WTY61,  WFGY61
    *only cars before restyling
TD42-I6 4.2Litre-I6 (Diesel)
TD42-Ti 4.2Litre-I6 (Diesel)
RD28-TE 2.8Litre-I6 (Diesel)
ZD30DDTI 3.0Litre-I4 (Diesel)
TB45E 4.5Litre-I6 (Petrol)
3. What is the benefit of the 4x4 snorkel ?

- Improve airflow into the engine, allow cleaner air into the engine, help the engine breath easier.
- Raise the air-intake
tema 4x4durilka above the water level.
- Fuel saving
- Protect engine, improve the performance of your 4x4.
- The Cool Factor, a snorkel on your 4x4 does look ultra cool.

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