Lift Kit for Lexus RX 03-08 Toyota Highlander 00-13 Harrier Kluger 1,6' 40mm

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$143/per kit

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We are glad to present durable poliuretan strut spacers for lifting cars!
This lift kit consists of 4 polyurethane suspansion spacers to add 50 mm solid to your clearance.


Kit contents:


  1. Front strut spacers - 2pcs
  2. Rear strut spacers - 2pcs 
  3. Fitting kit
This complete lift kit is compatible with:
  • Lexus RX300/RX330/RX350 02.2003 - 12.2008  Body: GSU30L, MCU33L, GSU35L, GSU35R, MCU35L, MCU35R, MCU38L, MCU38R
  • Lexus RX400H 03.2005 - 12.2008  Body: MHU33L, MHU38L, MHU38R
  • Toyota Harrier 03.2005 - 06.2013  Body: HV, MHU38
  • Toyota Harrier 02.2003 - 06.2012 Body: MCU30W, ACU30W, GSU30W, MCU35W, ACU35W, GSU35W
  • Toyota Highlander 11.2000 - 05.2007 Body: MCU20L, ACU20L, MCU23L, MHU23L, MCU25L, ACU25L, MCU28L, MHU28L
  • Toyota Highlander 05.2007 - 08.2013 Body: ASU40, GSU40, GSU45, GVU48, MHU48, GSU4#
  • Toyota Kluger 11.2000 - 05.2007 Body: MCU20W, ACU20W, MCU25W, ACU25W, MCU28R, MHU28W
Save on replacing weary coils by simply installing these affordable coil spacers. Mounted above the standard front and rear springs. Add big wheels and get a real off-road car! 
Installing is easy. You can install this lift kit at literally any car service or even manually as long as you’ve got basic car maintenance skills.
  • Lexus
    • RX
      • II 2003-2008 (GSU30, MCU33, GSU35)

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