Lift Kit for Volvo S40 V40 1995-2004 1,6' 40mm strut spacers leveling kit

Lift Kit for Volvo S40 V40 1995-2004 1,6' 40mm strut spacers leveling kit

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️Very durable and reliable, designed to lift the body and off-road;

️The set includes polyurethane spacers of front racks and rear springs, which will increase the clearance of your car to a height of 40mm and increase the off-road properties of your car;

️Each set has the necessary kit to replace the factory studs with elongated ones;

️All spacers presented in our store are very easy to install, it can handle anyone who can remove the shock absorber from the car.

️After installing spacers of terrain features of your car will increase thanks to increased ground clearance.

1. Kit contents:

  1. Front strut spacers- 2pcs 
  2. Rear strut spacers - 2pcs 
  3. Fitting kit

2. This complete lift kit is compatible with:

  • Volvo S40 mk1 1995 - 2004 Body: VS
  • Volvo V40 mk1 1995 - 2004 Body: VW

✔Sharp land bends, speed bumps, parking near curbs, maneuvering in the snow and on country roads, wherever before you had to be on the alert - no longer a problem with an additional 40mm under the bottom.
✔Our spacers are often used when the stock springs lose their stiffness and spacers are the cheaper way to return the car to factory height than buying new springs.
✔Spacers made of polyurethane and nylon have an additional damping effect, with them the ride will be even more pleasant;
✔Also spacers are indispensable when installing larger diameter wheels.

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