Universal JDM Classic Fender Flares | 1.2 inches | 30mm | Wheel Arch | Widebody kit

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Presenting you the high quality universal JDM CLASSIC OLDSCHOOL arch extenders, this model will allow you to increase the width of the wheel arches by +3 centimeters ( +1.2 inches ).
Model is made of unique car ABS plastic with unique characteristics intended for severe non-standard conditions, such as auto sport, such as drifting, time trial race and off-road race where the contact of environment with a car is inevitable.
The material used for the Splash fenders by Rising Tuning are highly tension and tear resistant but the arch extenders retain their original shape and elasticity. We use a material thickness of 3mm - and in the reinforcement points where the stiffeners run, the thickness goes up to 4mm. We use different production technology for different model families.
A set of two 3 cm (~ 1.2 inches) wide fender flares made of high-quality 3mm thick ABS plastic in the Classic Japan style.

• Your original fender flares andor quarter panels must be drilled and cut to be installed on your car. Our overfenders can be installed on rivets or bolts – you will need to drill your stock fenders and quarter panels.

• The product is lightweight and can be installed without affecting the weight of your car. May be blended in with your car body or left with open rivets.

• There may be small scratches on the plastic, as the product is delivered as "to be painted", but can be used as is. Surface finish: Black glossy.

• This is a universal product (The flares can fit on many customized models. Make sure the dimensions of the flares match your wheel well opening) Heat up the flares with a heat-gun and install them to follow the car body lines.

Item content:
Universal JDM Classic Fender Flares with Abs plastic - 2pcs.

*Fenders may have micro scratches no more than 30 microns deep. This is due to the production technology and does not affect the final result. The product is completely ready for painting and after applying the primer you will have a perfectly flat surface, do not worry about scratching the product during fitting, the material has great resistance to impact and plasticity. Before painting you can heat the fenders and the micro scratches will shrink.

Material of "CLASSIC" Fender flares:
Different materials are used for manufacturing car tuning elements, the beauty, practicality and durability of the parts depend on their properties. To make you satisfied with the results, Rising Tuning manufactures and procures car parts including ABS plastic, a polymer that differs favorably from other materials.
This plastic demonstrates increased impact resistance, in which it surpasses styrene copolymers - polystyrene. This material is also characterized by mechanical stiffness and strength, wear resistance and resistance to deformation and melting in short-term heating up to 100 degrees Celsius. At temperatures up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, products made of this polymer can be used for a long time without their qualities deteriorating and while maintaining dimensional stability.
These properties allow to use ABS plastic for manufacturing of the most various elements of car body

Advantages of ABS plastic:
Optimal combination of shock resistance and elasticity provides longevity of the products.
• Under light torsion loads plastic elements restore their original shape without residual deformation.
• High dimensional stability which allows manufacturing of complex molded products with high accuracy.
• Good adhesion to paint materials, which allows them to paint products in any desired color.

A brief installation instruction (self-installation):
*Before installing the expansions you need to prepare the car and make a fitting. We strongly recommend contacting professionals to install the fenders. This process is not simple and requires above-primary skills.

1. Apply the arch extenders to the body of the car. You can use masking tape to try on the arch extenders simply by attaching them to the body and inspect the future visual appearance of your car
2. Once you understand that the position of the fenders are correct and this is their best position - finally tape them down and make marks on the body with an erasable marker. This is to see if the fender has changed position when installed.
3. After all measurements are made, remove the arches from the body and cut out some of the body fenders that will interfere with the installation and the wheel of your car.
Install the fenders and use a construction hair dryer to shape them to the car's body lines-just press the extensions against the car body. ABS plastic has a memory and when heated becomes malleable.
4. After the main part of the fitting is done, step by step make holes in the arches and the body and press the arch to the body, in parallel you can use a hair dryer so that the extensions clearly repeat the shape and press it with bolts. After installing the fenders, we recommend heating each fender to remove any remaining tension if any.
5. Painting. Pre-paint the parts with a primer and protect the exposed edges of the metal body from corrosion. We recommend the use of sealing rubbers, which are present in our car for a tighter connection between plastic and metal, to avoid mechanical damage to the paint coating and a more aesthetic appearance

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